Detailed invoice specifications in Excel, CSV and HTML format

GroupTalk licenses can be taged with Cost Centers to get a detailed break down of the costs associated with different departments, sub organisations, end-customers, etc.

Detailed invoice specifications in Excel, CSV and HTML format can be downloaded from the GroupTalk web admin:

  1. Click on “Invoices” in the menu on the left.
  2. Click on the Invoice period of interest, for example “January 2019”.
  3. At the bottom of the page it says “Organisation name” and you need to click on the name of your Organisation (this step assumes that you have a large organisation with sub-organisations, else you can skip to step 4).
  4. A list of all Cost Centers will be presented with the Total cost per cost center.
  5. In the upper left corner there is a menu option “DOWNLOAD REPORTS” that you can click on and select the type and format of the report that you want to download.

Detailed invoice specification download

The “DETAILED SPECIFICATION” will list each and every license and the associated Cost Center, this will state what type of license it is; Group PTT, panic alarm, etc. and if it is annual, monthly or daily licenses. The “TOTALS PER COST CENTER” will aggregate the costs per Cost Center and provide a condensed specification with the totals per Cost Center. The “TOTALS PER COST CENTER” is generally the information that customers are most interested in.

GroupTalk for Android 3.3.2

Now includes support for:

  • Hytera PDC760 – LTE/DMR Multi-mode Advanced Radio with PTT button
  • Hytera PNC370 PoC LTE radio with PTT button
  • CAT S41 Smartphone with PTT button

Hytera PNC370

CallSign / status label in the GroupTalk app

Ability to create “Callsigns”. Callsigns are configured similar to labels. Enable and name the “callsign” field under “User labels” on the organisation page in web admin, then you can set the callsign value for each user on their user pages. This value is also editable by the user through the mobile app, when enabled.

This feature can for example be used for security guards working on trains, where they can use the Callsign to enter the train number which they are currently working on. Another example is for a gate keeper at a large construction site, where they can enter the actual gate number that they are working at.

GroupTalk CallSign 2

One-time code for GroupTalk authentication

You can log into GroupTalk using SMS authentication, email authentication or user name and password. Most recently we have added support for “One-time code” authentication. This is very convenient for users with devices that has a display, but does not have the ability to enter text. It is also convenient for a central admin to quickly add a remote user with a smartphone.

By selecting the “One-time code” option on the device a 6 character code will be displayed. Next the web admin shall select “Assign a one-time code” for the corresponding user and enter the code.

GroupTalk One-time code

Panic alarm with Remote monitoring / listen in using VoIP

When a user activates a panic alarm on a device running GroupTalk, the device can place a phone call to an emergency central in order to remotely monitor / listen in on what is happening around the device that activated the alarm.

In this product update, Monitoring / listen in using VoIP (Voice over IP) is available as an option. Actually this is a much better solution than using GSM, since with VoIP the service can verify that the voice channel has been established. The voice can also be received in the GroupTalk PC Dispatch making it much easier for the operator to know which voice stream that belongs to which panic alarm being received and the voice stream can be recorded for evidence or training purposes.

GroupTalk Monitoring