Enterprise mobile communication and safety solution


Security and safety in retail

GroupTalk provides enterprise mobile communication and safety solutions to efficiently and securely communicate in groups using Push to Talk on smartphones and PCs.

Easy, reliable, secure, cost efficient and modern PTT communication.

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Five trends in IT and communications in 2017

Continued digitization of documentation and mobile workforces. But also continued strong growth for Push to Talk in areas such as security, crisis, logistics and healthcare. GroupTalks CEO Magnus Hedberg writes about what he believes are the strongest trends in IT and digital communications in 2017.

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Push to Talk services for the Transportation industry

In recent decades, the logistics industry has undergone major changes. From being regarded as a sort of side-line operation, doing material management, material handling and transportation, the industry has expanded and has become an important and competitive critical factor, with a focus on business value through high-tech solutions. A good coordination and interconnection between the various team members and control centres during the work is an important factor in order to operate a safe and efficient logistics work. [Read more]

Modern PTT technology for the Security industry

The demand for security is increasing, but most security companies are still using out-dated internal communication systems based on two-way radios (walkie-talkies), which is not suitable for a modern competitive industry with low margins. This said CEO of leading provider of enterprise push-to-talk (PTT) group voice communications services, Swedish GroupTalk, Magnus Hedberg in a statement.

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GroupTalk is a member of SäkerhetsBranschen

GroupTalk is a member of SäkerhetsBranschen, an association that brings together actors in the security industry to initiate, visualise, create opinion and drive value-creating security issues in a forum for a safer and more secure Sweden. The overall task of the association is to work for that the members provide good quality services with a high knowledge and act responsibly.

Read the pressrelease in Swedish.

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