GroupTalk to work with Radioteknikk as reseller in Norway

Leading provider of enterprise push-to- talk (PTT) group voice communications services, Swedish GroupTalk, continues to expand its market presence in Norway among traditional two-way radio customers. GroupTalk will now also supply its market-leading push-to-talk solution (PTT/radio) to Norwegian customers via Radioteknikk AS, a two-way radio communications expert based in Oslo.

GroupTalk has signed a reseller agreement with Radioteknikk AS in Norway. The agreement is Group Talks first reseller agreement with a communications radio supplier on the Norwegian market, and turns Radioteknikk in to a supporter of GroupTalk’s PTT service to Norwegian customers.

”We are currently experiencing a strong interest in our communication solutions, especially from the security industry and small medium business, and particularly in export markets as the Norwegian,” said Magnus Hedberg, CEO of GroupTalk. “Our cost efficient and easy-to-use cloud-based service is rapidly attracting customers within industries such as aviation, construction and infrastructure, energy, retail and security.”

Radioteknikk AS has a long history of providing a wide range of radio communications services to a variety of customers in security, parking, taxi, buss, logistics, maritime, accommodation, hospitality, schools and manufacturing.

”The GroupTalk push-to-talk solution suits us perfectly as our mission is frequently to provide professional communications services over large geographic areas to our customers,” said Jan Støkkebo, Administrative Director at Radioteknikk AS. ”Being able to link these with a communications network gives us an opportunity to share information and resources in a way that we have not been able to do with our previous traditional communications solutions. The ability to provide turnkey managed services at a low price point is also important to meet the needs of our customers.”

The solution provided allows PTT communication directly from smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac. The user easily controls the number of users, associated channels and access. The solution also includes push-to-talk accessories such as acoustic headsets and Bluetooth-based PTT buttons that enable simple and safe communication between users through a single button. GroupTalks cloud-based communications solution will be

provided as a fully managed service by Radioteknikk, making the service extremely user friendly and quick to access even for customers with no experience from using radio.

Download: Pressrelease in English or Pressemelding på Norsk.

Security industry must embrace modern PTT technologies for a more profitable, secure and efficient working environment

The global security industry is growing at a rapid pace. More professional and coordinated operations across disciplines and geographical borders among criminals, is one of the drivers of the increased demand for advanced security services. This calls for more intense surveillance and security, according to the Europol “Serious and Organized Crime Assessment Report”. Gartner puts the global security market at $86bn, with annual growth of close to nine percent, citing “growing complexity of attacks”.

At the same time the security industry finds itself in a consolidation phase, adapting new technologies with a strong focus on digital services and offers as Security as a Service. Intense competition in the industry are also squeezing profits, forcing security companies to focus on more logistically efficient solutions, cost savings, and smarter and safer interactions between security staff.

Out-dated communications routines

An important factor for safe and efficient security monitoring is the successful coordination and interconnection between guards and security control centres while patrolling, especially when covering large areas such as shopping malls, hotels, airports, event venues, logistics centres etc. However, most security staff around the world still uses traditional and out-dated two-way radios…

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GroupTalk PC Dispatch 1.1.6 with live location updates of mobile users Panic Alarms

The GroupTalk service provide Panic Alarm functionality for mobile users. The alarm is sent to the GroupTalk PC Dispatch, to any other mobile user or system in a configurable SMS format or over IP.

The GroupTalk PC dispatch has been updated to version 1.1.6 that support live location updates of users that have triggered a Panic Alarm, the location of the user is updated continuously and displayed in the map in the GroupTalk PC Dispatch. Previously only the initial location of the user was reported when a Panic Alarm was triggered.

Aviation industry must embrace modern PTT technologies for more coordinated and efficient turnaround processes

The global aviation industry is growing rapidly. Traffic volumes have increased by around six per cent per year for many years, which equates to a doubling of traffic every 12 years. New airlines, cheaper tickets. improved passenger experiences both on and off the planes, a change in consumer behaviour favouring experiences and air travel all contribute to this positive trend that the industry (and experts like IATA) expect will continue.

An important factor for punctuality in aviation and efficient use of aircrafts is the successful coordination of the turnaround process at the gates, i.e. the process of loading, unloading, and servicing an aircraft. This process, normally between 25 minutes up to an hour, is a time-critical teamwork, based on efficient communication.

There is huge potential to improve communication between the flight crew and ground staff with more modern, yet simple and user friendly, technologies. An increasing number of airline companies tend to abandon the ancient walkie-talkie communication solutions, replacing them with more modern communications solutions based on digital models such as the push-to-talk (PTT) over cellular phones, a service that enables subscribers to use their phones as walkie-talkies with unlimited range over the existing mobile networks.

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GroupTalk update 3.1.7 Android and iOS


Panic alarm with support for OVLS

The GroupTalk service provide Panic Alarm functionality sent over IP to the GroupTalk Dispatch or to any other mobile user / system in a configurable SMS format.

Additionally, the OVLS (Open Vehicle Location Standard), a Swedish standard for sending panic alarms from a phone using a SMS-protocol is now supported. The OVLS SMS includes, type of alarm, priority, GPS-position in the WGS84 format, and time stamp. The benefit of using OVLS is that a user can have the panic alarm sent to a Security Operation Center that follows the security procedures defined.

Faster reconnects after losing network 

The GroupTalk app has been tuned to faster reconnect if the network is lost. This improvement is very noticeable if you enter a lift and loose network, as you exit the lift the GroupTalk app is now much faster to reconnect.

Automatic reconnects if there are DNS errors on the network

Some users on WiFi networks could experience problems to connect to the GroupTalk service if there were a lot of DNS errors on the network. This problem has been fixed.

No longer plays a sound every time when joining a PTT group

The intention of this feature was to make the user aware of that a PTT group has been joined. However, when the user is in an environment where the phone switches between WiFi and 3G/4G this audio alert could be annoying and it has been removed.

iOS specific improvements:
Now correctly route GroupTalk PTT audio back to speaker/bluetooth after a phone call has been completed. 

This was a problem for Bluetooth RSM users that received a phone call and select to take the call using the built in speaker in the phone instead of having the audio come out of the RSM. However, when the call was completed the GroupTalk PTT audio would continue to use the built in speaker instead of being routed through the bluetooth RSM. This problem has now been fixed and the GroupTalk PTT audio will revert back to the bluetooth RSM after a phone call has been completed.

  • Tweaked volumes of sounds and changed audio mode to improve audibility.
  • Vibrate on incoming PTT calls.
Android specific new features and improvements:
  • Motorola TC75 physical PTT button supported by GroupTalk.
  • Ruggear RG310 physical PTT and Panic Alarm buttons supported by GroupTalk.
  • Automatic dialup (configurable) to a Security Operation Center and put the phone in listen in mode when the Panic Alarm is activated.
  • Support for the PTT and Panic Alarm button on the Dellking H4 bluetooth RSM.
  • Fixed an intermittent audio quality problem on the Motorola TC55 when using a Bluetooth RSM and being connected to WiFi.