GroupTalk for Android 3.2.13

This product update focus on improving the user experience for anyone that use the GroupTalk app on an Android device in combination with bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphones or Bluetooth button with  extra buttons or phones with extra buttons. These extra buttons can now be mapped to specific functions in GroupTalk. The benefit for the user is that you can activate functions in GroupTalk directly from these physical buttons without having to press buttons on the screen in the GroupTalk app.
Functions that can be mapped to external buttons:
The user can easily pressa a physical button and place themselves in the queue of a PC Dispatcher in order to get assistance. The word “Queue” will automatically be spoken out to the user to confirm that the button has been pressed.
Repeat message
By pressing a physical button a user can replay the last incoming voice message. This is a very convenient feature if you did not properly hear the last incoming voice message and it avoids the need to ask for the last message to be repeated.
Toggle Group
Toggle Group allows a user to press a physical button and switch between the current PTT Group and the previously PTT Group used. When pressed the name of the group switched to will be spoken to the user.
Select function of FN button small
AINA RSM extra buttons
Detailed instructions on how to map the external buttons to functions can be found here.

GroupTalk for iPhone and iPad 3.2.5

This release has a handfull of new features to improve the user experience of the GroupTalk app on iPhone and iPad. It is always a good idea to make sure that you have updated to the latest GroupTalk app release.
Channel next / previous hardware button support
The hardware button support is useful in combination with for example AINA bluetooth RSM or PTT phones that have dedicated channel next / previous hardware buttons.
End private call or end scan by pressing a channel change button
The ability to end a private call by pressing a physical button on for example AINA bluetooth RSM can be more convenient then ending the private call by pressing the “end call” button on the screen in the app.
Split view support for iPad
This is for iPad users that like to multitask and allows the GroupTalk app to be used on for example a third of the screen while the other two thirds of the screen is used for some other productivity app.
Incoming transmission alert sound with volume setting
This new setting adds an alert sound and vibrate before a received voice transmission is played (if there has not been a conversation during the last 30 seconds). This feature should be enabled by most users to alert you on an incoming transmission and improve the PTT user experience.
Text to speech channel announcements setting
This new setting will speak out the name of the channel / PTT Group that you have changed to using a next / previous channel hardware button. When receiving a private call the name of the user initiating the call will be announced before the actual voice transmission is received.
Start and stop sounds volume settings
A user can set the volume for the start and stop sounds part of a voice transmission. This is convenient if you for example switch from a RSM to a wired headset and might find the start and / or stop sounds to be too loud or too soft.

GroupTalk for Android 3.2.3


Wideband audio is the most noticeable news in this update.

Additional new features and improvements:

  • Support for Android 8.0 Oreo
  • Incoming transmission sound is a new setting that adds an alert sound and vibrate before a received talkburst is played (if there has not been a conversation during the last 30 seconds). This feature is particularly useful if you use a phone for PTT without any PTT accessories. This is a feature that actually has been asked for by many of our customers. Please check it out and provide us with your feedback.

GroupTalk 3.2.3 incoming transmission sound - wide

  • Volume settings for start and stop sounds this is very useful when you use a wired head-set for PTT and may have experienced the start / stop sounds being too loud.
  • PTT button support on Bittium Tough Mobile and Runbo s11.
  • Aina RSM serial protocol support for older phones such as Samsung Xcover 3. Bluetooth LE should be used if the devices support it.
  • 64 bit processors supported natively on phones with such processors.

GroupTalk PC Dispatch (HTML5) version – New User Manual

The GroupTalk PC Dispatch (HTML5) version has been updated with some GUI refinements and support for USB PTT buttons that can be connected to a PC or Mac to control the Push to Talk functionality.

More importantly a completely new User Guide for GroupTalk PC Dispatcher has been posted. Check it out to learn more about the functionality of the Dispatcher.

GroupTalk Dispatch 1.1.13

The Future of Push to Talk Communications

PTToC 700x400


An entertaining, educating and enlightening article on two way radio communication and the evolution of ‘push to talk’ for professional users. The article was shared by Andrew J Clark, Managing Director at G6 Global, with decades of expertise and experience in the field.

Grab a coffee, relax and enjoy reading this somewhat long but excellent article about radio communication and PTToC – Push to Talk Over Cellular.

Read the full article in (PDF).