GroupTalk adds yet another Nordic security company to its rapidly growing user base of push-to-talk technology


GroupTalk continues to find new customers within the cost conscious security segment. The company will now also supply its market-leading push-to-talk solution (PTT/radio) to Norwegian leading security company Telemark Vaktselskap AS.

”We are currently experiencing a strong interest in our communication solutions, especially from the security industry, and particularly in export markets as the Norwegian,” said Magnus Hedberg, CEO of GroupTalk. ”We are delighted to be able to offer a cost effective solution for push-to-talk as well personal- and panic alarm to Telemark Vaktselskap AS. The security industry is also one of our focus areas, but also an industry with low margins and high cost-consciousness, where many actors are discovering how our products can enable a cheaper and more cost-effective radio communication. This is indeed a target group that can benefit from using PTT solutions, based on standard smartphones.”

Telemark Vaktselskap AS offers a vide range of services to a variety of clients and different events. Besides traditional shelter services to mobile and object protection, festivals and different events represents a large portion of the missions. For Telemark Vaktselskap it was key to find a vendor that had a solution that also could be used on different staffing sizes, without having to make major new investments in communication systems.

”Group Talks push-to-talk solution suits us perfectly as the mission spread over large geographic areas,” said President Thomas S. Moen Telemark Vaktselskap AS. ”Being able to link these with a communications network gives us an opportunity to share information and resources in a way that we have not been able to do with our previous traditional communications. This solution not only provides us with a integrated panic alarm in our service, but it also saves us money compared to if we were to purchase separate personal alarms.”

Telemark Vaktselskap



Kulturoperatørene in Norway chooses push-to-talk from GroupTalk

A scalable communications solution without limitations for coverage, number of channels or users, will ensure the communication for the production team of Norwegian event operator Kulturoperatørene AS. This summarises the new co-operation between Kulturoperatørene AS and leading Swedish communications solutions provider GroupTalk.

GroupTalk will supply its market leading push-to-talk solution (PTT) over users’ smart phones, tablets or PC/Mac’s. The number of users and channels, and the various employees’ rights, is easily controlled as required by the customer. The delivery to Kulturoperatørene AS also includes push-to-talk accessories and Bluetooth based PTT buttons.

The staff will be able to communicate with their colleagues through a single press of the PTT button, simple and user-friendly. GroupTalk’s cloud-based communications solution will replace Kulturoperatørene’s traditional communication solutions.

“Stage production and the event industry is a new customer group for us. Therefore, we are very pleased to deliver our push-to-talk service to Kulturoperatørene,” said Magnus Hedberg CEO of GroupTalk AB. “Since we are chosen in competition with well- established vendors in this segment, we take it as a proof that we have succeeded in offering a powerful and cost efficient product.”

Kulturoperatørene organizes many cultural productions, events and its own productions around Norway. The event variations and the variations in the number of people involved, made the flexibility of GroupTalk’s solution extremely important for the choice of supplier.


“GroupTalk’s push-to-talk solution fits our business perfectly,” said Øyvind Storheim CEO in Kulturoperatørene AS. “We can control the whole production, and the group calls, directly from our mobile phones. The customized Bluetooth based PTT buttons with a different phone and specific headset, enables all functions in the function, including those who are located in a noisy environment.”


GroupTalk recommends SKEF membership

SKEF – “Sveriges Kommunikationselektronik Företagare Förening” is a Swedish trade associati
on for retailers and suppliers aimed at professional users of wireless communication. SKEF affects t
he industry and the authorities by being a much sought referral organization.

GroupTalk is a SKEF member and encourage Swedish companies in the wireless communication business to join the association to share knowledge, learn new things and be in the loop.SKEF logo

Lillehammer Sikkerhet of Norway chooses push-to-talk from GroupTalk

A scalable communications solution, specifically developed for the security industry, without any restrictions in terms of coverage, channels or number of users will provide Norwegian security company Lillehammer Sikkerhet with a more cost effective solution for push-to-talk (PTT) communications and panic alarm. This summarises the new co- operation between Lillehammer Sikkerhet and Swedish group voice communications services specialist GroupTalk.

GroupTalk will deliver a cutting edge push-to-talk service that can be used directly in the guards’ smartphone, and th
e number of users can be easily adapted depending on the current need. The service solution for Lillehammer Sikkerhet will also contain push-to-talk accessories such as airtube headset, tailored for guards and related bluetooth PTT button. All staff will be able to communicate with each other instantly through a single push of a button in a user friendly, flexible and safe manner, using smartphones, tablets or PCs. GroupTalk’s solution is cloud-based so no need for intercom or walkie-talkies.

Lillehammer sikkerhet

”We are pleased to be able to provide Lillehammer Sikkerhet  with a cost effective solution for both PTT voice communication and panic alarm,” said Magnus Hedberg, CEO of GroupTalk.”The security industry is our main focus, with much to gain from using PTT solutions like ours, using standard smartphones, apps and operating over the existing mobile network.”

Like many other security companies, Lillehammer Sikkerhet perform a wide variety of tasks, with seasonal activities and heavy work load at weekends and on events. Due to that, the need for the number of security guards has a great variation. Usually, the deployment of a traditional radio solution that meets the needs of peak activity/traffic can become extremly costly, especially for hardware and administration.

”Group Talks push-to-talk service is perfect for our business needs,” said Per-Arne Finnstad, CEO, Lillehammer Sikkerhet. ”The service is easy to use, provides a scalable communication solution, without the restrictions one usually encounters in traditional radio solutions in terms of coverage, number of channels and variety in the number of users.”


GroupTalk launches new version of PC Dispatch, Android and iOS apps


The launch of a new version of GroupTalks cloud-based push-to-talk (PTT) technology over the mobile network; New features include an updated panic alarm with a positioning tool, and a new integrated queuing functionality for Android as well as iPhone.

GroupTalk, a leading provider of enterprise instant communications solutions for large work groups requiring fast, secure and flexible communication services, focuses on safety and security in the new update of its flagship PTT solution. The update of the PC Dispatch specially addresses GroupTalk’s customers in the security industry, where there are huge operational and financial gains by replacing old walkie-talkie systems with modern app-based systems operating over the mobile network, but also other professionals operating in insecure environments.

“The big news in the new dispatcher is that the command centre that receives a panic alarm, can immediately localize the alarm on a map, allowing immediate and quick contact with the user via Push-to-Talk,” explains Magnus Hedberg, CEO, GroupTalk.

The new update also comes with new integrated queuing functionality, implemented to facilitate control centres, handling large number of mobile GroupTalk users. This allows simultaneous assistance from the command centre to a large number of users. Just one touch on the smartphone will place the user in line. The new GroupTalk PC Dispatcher is also based on the new HTML5 technology and can be used directly in a web browser.

“HTML5 has a big advantage since it does not require software to be installed on your computer. The Dispatcher can be used on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X computers. This is a modern cloud solution with a cutting edge technology introduced timely for our main users,” said Magnus Hedberg.

News GroupTalk iPhone app – version 3.1:

  • Panic alarm.
  • Support for several new models of monophones, or the commonly used English term Remote Speaker Microphones (RSM), popular accessories for professional PTT users.
  • The new version of GroupTalk iPhone supports RSM’s from Savox, Stone Mountain Blu-Comm, and Dell King.

News GroupTalk Android app – version 3.1

  • Panic alarm.
  • Support for the newest mobile phones with the latest version of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).
  • Improved support for RSM from Seecode.