SKEF News: Modern PTT technology boosts the security industry

SKEF News modern PTT technology



Modern PTT technology, connected vehicles, mobile trends for 2017 and 5G are some of the interesting articles in the April 2017 issue of SKEF News (Sveriges Kommunikations-Elektronik Företagsförening, in Swedish).

Read about how the use of smartphones with app solutions is increasing business efficiency and security. The shift from traditional radios to smartphone based PTT solutions in combination wth alarm, location based services and mobile workforce applications is creating new opportunities.

See page 8 – 15 of SKEF News – April 2017 (PDF)

GroupTalk Android app, web admin and PC Dispatch update

GroupTalk for Android Version 3.1.17

A minor update of the GroupTalk app for Android has been released with the following improvements:

  • New settings:
    • “Stay active in background”, that keeps the GroupTalk active even when the app is in the background. This settings need to be activated on some devices, such as the Sonim XP7 when used with the Sonim wired PTT headset. By default this setting should not be activated.
    • “Microphone mode”. This is a setting to be used if you experience low volume from the built in microphone on the phone. This can be the case on some older phones. In that case the “Compatibility” mode should be selected. To benefit from noise reduction and filtering the mode “Voice Communications” shall be selected.
  • The PTT button on the S88 Smart Walkie Talkie is now supported and a button has been added in the GroupTalk app for direct access to DMR/analog radio functionality of the device.
  • Improved auto connect after temporarily loss of network.

GroupTalk web admin Version 1.9.4

New administrative features have been added to the GroupTalk web admin, that will be useful for the Customers admin of the GroupTalk service, to have a better view of licenses used for the service and associated costs.

  • Daily licenses is now supported. A user with a daily license can be registered in the GroupTalk service at no cost, until the user goes on-line and at that time a 24 hours service period is activated with a cost according to the price list.
  • Three different GroupTalk licenses are now supported:
    • Annual licenses which qualifies for volume discounts.
    • Monthly licenses which can be used when the Customer do not want to make a longer term service commitment for some users.
    • Daily licenses which can be used when a Customer has users that only require the service for one or a couple of days infrequently.
  • Cost items can now be associated with a user, this allows larger organisations with multiple departments to more easily calculate how to distribute the cost per department.
  • Invoice specifications can now be generated. The specification lists the licenses used and associated costs per Cost Item.

GroupTalk PC dispatch Version 1.1.11

The web based GroupTalk PC Dispatch has been updated

  • Support for daily licenses.
  • Update look of User Interface (in line with the web admin).
  • When location services is activated, the users will now be displayed with their name next to the corresponding marker on the map. For users with phones that supports “bearing”, an arrow will be displayed illustrating the direction that the user is heading.

Enterprise mobile communication and safety solution


Security and safety in retail

GroupTalk provides enterprise mobile communication and safety solutions to efficiently and securely communicate in groups using Push to Talk on smartphones and PCs.

Easy, reliable, secure, cost efficient and modern PTT communication.

Read more about how you can become more efficient and increase safety in your organisation by using the service (PDF brochure).

Five trends in IT and communications in 2017

Continued digitization of documentation and mobile workforces. But also continued strong growth for Push to Talk in areas such as security, crisis, logistics and healthcare. GroupTalks CEO Magnus Hedberg writes about what he believes are the strongest trends in IT and digital communications in 2017.

Read full IT and communications trend article.

Push to Talk services for the Transportation industry

In recent decades, the logistics industry has undergone major changes. From being regarded as a sort of side-line operation, doing material management, material handling and transportation, the industry has expanded and has become an important and competitive critical factor, with a focus on business value through high-tech solutions. A good coordination and interconnection between the various team members and control centres during the work is an important factor in order to operate a safe and efficient logistics work. [Read more]