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Email info@grouptalk.com

User Guides

GroupTalk video tutorials on YouTube

GroupTalk for Mobile

GroupTalk PC Dispatcher

GroupTalk Web Administration: See On-line Help in web admin

Firewall configuration guide


Technical requirements

GroupTalk’s Push To Talk can be used on all mobile phones

GroupTalk app
GroupTalk app is available for Android 2.3+ (4.0+ is recommended) and iOS8+

GroupTalk web dispatcher
The HTML5 web dispatcher client works with Chrome, IE10+ (Flash required), Firefox and Safari (Flash required). Chrome is recommended for full functionality.

GroupTalk PC client
GroupTalk works with all computers and browsers using Java 1.5

Intercom radio
GroupTalk is compatible with analogue or digital UHF/VHF radio systems and Tetra-based systems

Web administration
GroupTalk works with all common browsers

GroupTalk supports full interoperability between the following connections/access methods:

  1. Mobile phone via 3G/4G/WiFi
  2. Mobile phone via GSM
  3. Two-way radio over GSM/PSTN
  4. Two-way radio over the internet
  5. Computers over the internet

GroupTalk connectivity diagram 

GroupTalk PTT accessories

In order for a GroupTalk customer to have the best user experience it is important to combine the GroupTalk service with appropriate Push-to-Talk accessories. There is a wide selection of PTT accessories for Android and iPhone available.

In order to get the accessories that are best suited for your needs, please contact GroupTalk by email or phone to discuss options and pricing.

Bluetooth buttons and Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphones (Android and iOS)

Bluetooth PTT button

AINA Smart Button

PTT button

A Bluetooth button can be used to control the GroupTalk PTT function on the phone while the phone is still in the pocket.

Typically, the Bluetooth button is used in combination with the standard wired head-set that comes with the phone or with a more professional air-tube head-set.

The benefit of the Bluetooth button is ease of use and the fact that it has a battery that lasts for a year and does not require charging every night.

The AINA Smart Button offers PTT, queue and panic alarm buttons on a user friendly device.

AINA PTT Voice Responder

Remote Speaker Microphone

  • Android and iOS supported
  • Speaker microphone
  • PTT button
  • Secondary PTT button / queue button
  • Panic Alarm button
  • Volume control

Video that show how to connect an AINA PTT Voice Responder with the GroupTalk app.

Head-sets used in combination with a Bluetooth PTT button


Air tube Headset

The PTT is controlled from a bluetooth PTT button.

The Media button on the wired head-set is used to answer phone calls.

Savox SH-01

In ear electric headset

The PTT is controlled from a bluetooth PTT button.

The Media button on the wired head-set is used to answer phone calls.

Electric head-set have the benefit of providing louder and clearer voice quality than air tube headsets.

PC Dispatcher accessories


Desktop microphone with PTT buttons

Tablemicrophone for professional usage in control rooms, alarm centers, watch cabins with 3 PTT buttons.

  • Resistant metal housing
  • Dynamic noisereduced microphone mounted on the neck
  • Built-in speaker
  • 3 x “Long-life” PTT buttons with 2 pole exchanging contact
  • LED lamps for indication
  • ON/OFF button and Volume control
USB foot pedal

Foot pedal

A USB foot control can be used to activate PTT in the PC Dispatcher.


Q: What are your plans for future operating systems support?

A: GroupTalk is currently supported on Windows and MacOS X for the PC client and support for other desktop platforms is not planned. For the mobile client, Android and iOS are the supported platforms. The web dispatcher is supported for all major browser platforms. For dial-in solutions any phone is supported.

Q: Can I use GroupTalk to interconnect multiple two-way radio systems?

A: Yes.

Q: Are direct calls between users supported?

A: Yes.

Q: Can GroupTalk be used to “bridge” voice communication between UHF and VHF two-way radio systems?

A: Yes.

Q: Which amount of data is used when using the GroupTalk app?

A: Each customer uses specific amounts. 15kb/sec is used. 3 minutes of continous talk generates 1MB. On an average, between 100MB-500MB per month per user is used on a typical customer environment.

Q: What should I do if the PC-PTT application hangs during “Provisioning” after entering user credentials?

A: It is probably your firewall that is blocking the communication. Make sure your firewall is configured according to recommendations (see User Guides).



GroupTalk Downloads

Most users should download the app GroupTalk for Android from Google play or GroupTalk for iPhone from App Store. See the download icons in the footer of this web page.

 GroupTalk for Android

Some organisations have special requirements, such as deployment using of MDM systems and can download the GroupTalk APK from:

GroupTalk Provisioner

The GroupTalk Provisioner is an application that you run on your PC or Mac to:

  1. Efficiently install Android devices with the GroupTalk apk using an USB port.
  2. Provision GroupTalk user accounts and settings on Android devices using an USB port.

GroupTalk Provisioner for Windows

GroupTalk Provisioner for Mac